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Avoid Cavities This Halloween

It’s October, and Halloween will be here sooner than you know it. Your kids may already have their costumes ready for the big night! Between trick or treating, school, and community parties, you and your kids will have plenty of candy to go around!

avoid cavities this halloween!

We all know that candy is not good for your teeth, but we also want your family to enjoy the holiday and the treats that are coming your way. Your North Royalton pediatric dentist has three tips to keep your kids’ teeth healthy, while also keeping the fun of Halloween.

  1. Brush After Treats

    Regular brushing and flossing can help keep cavities at bay. But, with kids eating more candy, it’s important that they brush their teeth after they finish their treats. To make it more convenient, we recommend you establish a time when the kids need to finish eating treats every day, and brush their teeth after.

  2. Make A Candy Plan

    To avoid Candy Overload, we recommend you plan out candy consumption ahead of time. After trick-or-treating or any parties where they get candy, have your kids select their favorites and get rid of the rest. You could also limit your child to a certain amount of pieces each day. This will teach your child self-control, and will also keep their teeth healthier!

  3. Non-Candy Options

    Halloween doesn’t just have to be about the candy! There are lots of fall-themed treats that are spooky, yummy, and are better for your teeth. Try these recipes for some fun snacks that aren’t candy. On that note, you can give your child the choice to either keep their candy and divide it out over the year, or exchange some or all of it for a toy or an experience they’ve been wanting.

Halloween is a great time of year to indulge in sweets and scares. But you don’t need to be scared about your child’s dental health! Just follow these few tips, make sure they’re brushing and flossing twice a day, and schedule a check-up with North Royalton Pediatric Dentistry. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Give us a call today!

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