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Creating a Good Foundation for Oral Health

Too many children suffer from poor oral health. As a consequence, they end up with a mouth full of fillings by the time they turn 21. It’s crucial to encourage good oral health from a very young age. As a provider of pediatric dentistry in North Royalton, we advocate the idea of teaching your children about good oral hygiene habits as early as possible.

How To Create A Good Foundation For Oral Health

Creating a foundation means you give children the tools and advice they need to practice good oral health. There are many things you can do to help create this excellent foundation. So, here are some of our top tips:

  • Create a daily routine: Set up a schedule that you stick to every single day. Make your kids brush their teeth at the same time each morning, and then again in the evening. It’s oral health 101, but it goes a long way to improving oral health and laying a foundation.
  • Demonstrate brushing your teeth: Kids don’t know how to brush their teeth; they have to learn from you. Ensure you stand there with them and show your children how they should brush. Be sure that they use the right technique to get rid of as much plaque as possible!
  • Reward good behavior: The best way to encourage your kids to carry on with this routine is by rewarding them. Create a chart where you make a note of every time they brush their teeth morning and night. At the end of the month, they get rewarded in some way. Suddenly, they’re eager to brush their teeth every day!.
  • Use a timer: It’s crucial that they brush for two minutes each time – most children will barely brush for 30 seconds. To do this, you should use a timer to keep track.

Improve Nutritional Habits

The above points help you lay the foundation for good oral health. However, you need to ensure that all your hard work doesn’t get overpowered by bad nutritional habits. Reduce the amount of sugar your children consume every day – and limit foods that are acidic too. Sugar causes cavities while acid will erode the teeth and weaken the enamel.

Restrict the amount of candy you give them, cut down on cookies and chips, and avoid seasoning food with vinegar. Soda is a huge culprit when it comes to damaging children’s teeth, so try and get your kids to drink more water – milk is good too, it helps keep their teeth strong.

Some Final Oral Health Tips

As a pediatric dentist in North Royalton, we have some essential tips that you should follow to further improve your child’s oral health:

  • Only use fluoride toothpaste as it protects the teeth from cavities
  • Wait 30-60 minutes after eating before brushing teeth
  • Floss regularly and ensure they brush below the gumline
  • Use an electric toothbrush for a more thorough brush every day

Schedule An Appointment

Lastly, it’s paramount that your children visit the dentist regularly. We can help check their oral health and prevent any serious problems. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us today, and we can give you more information on creating a good foundation for oral health with your children.

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