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My Child Won’t Brush Their Teeth. What Should I Do?

Being a parent can be so rewarding, but also has some major challenges. We are in charge of these tiny little humans, trying to help them become the best little versions of themselves. Some things come more naturally for them like eating and walking, but they still need some assistance from us.

What to do when your child won't brush their teeth.

One thing that usually doesn’t come naturally for children is brushing their teeth. This is something they learn from you. They watch almost every little move you make. Everything you do and say they are taking in. We know as parents and guardians that it is important to be a good example to our kids. Sometimes we may do all that we can and they still don’t follow our example and that can be frustrating. Having a child that doesn’t want to brush their teeth is a very common problem in many households. So take comfort in knowing you are not alone in this frustration!

Our Tips

Your North Royalton pediatric dentist has some tips that can encourage your child to take care of their teeth:

  1. Give a Reward

    Giving your child a reward for brushing can be very effective, especially when they are first learning how to brush on their own. The reward that works best will depend on your child’s age and interests. You know what your child likes and what motivates him or her so base your reward on that. But only give it after they brush consistently. They will be brushing in no time! But, make sure that the reward isn’t candy or sugary foods; that will contradict all your hard work!

  2. Make it Fun

    Similar to a reward, tooth brushing can be fun! Put on a favorite song for a couple minutes while your child brushes. Have a little dance party while they brush. You may even want to make a chart. Kids love sticker charts where they can keep track of their own progress. Here’s an example: Put a sticker in a box every time they brush. When the chart is filled up get them a small toy or book to show them how proud you are of their brushing. Remember each child is different and will require different ways to make it fun for them.

  3. Give a Choice

    To encourage your child to brush you can give him a choice of which product to use. Bring your child to the store and allow them to pick out a toothbrush and toothpaste that is fun for him.

  4. Check for Sensitivity

    Your child refusing to brush may be a sign of sensitive teeth. Some kids are more sensitive to touch than others. Children with autism or attention disorders may have sensitivities that affect their oral care. If you think your child’s resistance to brushing is linked to a sensitive mouth, contact your pediatric dentist in North Royalton today. There are a few options to cope with it that we can help you with.

Whatever the reason your child may not want to brush their teeth take comfort in knowing that it will get better. Keep trying. Keep encouraging them. Be patient with yourself and your child. Make sure you have a good routine in place and try to brush your teeth in front of them. This will help them see the importance of having good teeth brushing habits and that it is important to you. You are doing a great job!

Regular dental visits are a very important part of anyone’s dental care routine. Contact us today for an appointment or for any questions you may have. North Royalton Pediatric Dentistry has a friendly staff waiting to meet you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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