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Tooth-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

As you go through your holiday shopping list and check it twice, make sure you remember to get stocking stuffers for your family! The most common stocking stuffers that our patients get for their kids are small toys, candy, and jewelry–things small enough to fit. But if you’re looking to get more unique and tooth-friendly gifts this year, North Royalton Pediatric Dentistry has some great ideas!Stocking stuffers for your kids!

  • Unique Toothbrushes

    It can be a challenge to encourage your child to brush regularly, but we think a unique toothbrush of their very own can help! Colgate and other brands offer toothbrushes themed after your child’s favorite cartoons and movies–from Frozen to Paw Patrol, there are many options that your child is sure to love. Some of these toothbrushes even sing, so your child can time their brushing!

  • Flavored Toothpaste

    It’s no secret that kids love sweet things, so they may struggle with your common toothpaste flavors. But, you can get flavored toothpastes from Colgate! These toothpastes are still ADA approved, and will work just as hard to clean your child’s teeth. One of our favorite flavors is strawberry!

  • Small Crafts

    If your child loves creating, try including a small craft kit in their stocking. Lots of stores offer tiny crafts like puzzles, plants, paints, and even sewing kits that are just for kids! You can even make a family night out of it, where each child creates an ornament out of their crafting kit, so they can include it on the tree next year.

  • Healthier Holiday Treats

    It’s easy to find candy canes and M&Ms, but these treats are full of sugar and can cause decay in little teeth. Your pediatric dentist recommends you try including dark-chocolate covered nuts and dried fruit. The dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate, and nuts are a great source of protein. Both the chocolate-covered treats and dried fruit have less sugar than the more common candy, and they are still festive and full of flavor.

We hope you enjoy these stocking stuffer ideas, and we also want to wish you a very happy holiday and new year! We appreciate and love each of our patients, and can’t wait to ring in a new year with you and your family! If you need to schedule a dental appointment for your child before the end of the year, give us a call today.

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