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Daily Brushing and Flossing

Although some children can see it as a chore, or might question you as to why it is needed, daily brushing and flossing is one of the best things that can be done at home for you and your child’s oral healthcare. However, there is more to brushing and flossing than you would think. The proper technique to both flossing and brushing needs to be utilized in order for your child to receive the best at home dental care possible. North Royalton Pediatric Dentistry has taken the time to detail below the importance of brushing and flossing and how you can help your child with it.

Daily Brushing

Visiting a pediatric dentist is one of the best ways for kids to learn the practices for keeping their mouths clean, healthy, and happy.

What is Daily Brushing and Flossing?

Daily brushing and flossing refers to the act of brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste and utilizing a flossing tool (dental floss, water pick, etc.) to keep your teeth clean. By establishing good daily brushing and flossing routines early in your children, you’ll help set them up for good basic dental care throughout their lifetime. These good dental health habits are the best way for your child to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Is Daily Brushing and Flossing Right for my Kids?

Some parents can overlook the basic necessities of brushing and flossing for themselves and their children. North Royalton Pediatric Dentistry believes that all children should have a good foundation of oral hygiene; which means practicing and utilizing the best techniques for daily brushing and flossing. Children will need assistance brushing and flossing their teeth until age six or seven. You should set an example for your children by demonstrating proper brushing and flossing techniques.

What is the Best Way to Brush and Floss?

Visiting a pediatric dentist is one of the best ways for kids to learn the practices for keeping their mouth clean, healthy, and happy. By coming into our office, we will be able to demonstrate for you and your child the proper techniques for brushing and flossing your teeth. For example, it is important to focus on the back molars as those teeth are often neglected by brushing. Here are some general tips that can help you and your child:

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Daily flossing and brushing is one of the most important routines you can ever help your child develop as it will keep their gums and teeth happy and healthy for years to come. If you have any questions concerning daily brushing and flossing for your children or if you would like to learn about other dental services available to your kids, please contact us immediately as we are available to help you. If you’re looking to have your child brush up on their daily brushing and flossing techniques or if you require an appointment for one of our dental services, you can make an appointment online or by phone now. North Royalton Pediatric Dentistry provides one of the best and most comfortable dental services out there for children in Ohio.