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Regular Checkups

Keeping your child’s teeth bright and healthy takes daily effort. Establishing a routine of good dental hygiene is vital in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. But good at-home care, while essential, is not the only necessary part of maintaining good dental health. There are things a dentist can do for your child’s teeth that you can’t do at home, such as removing tartar, providing fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and spotting the early signs of cavities. The best way to make sure all of your child’s dental needs are met is to visit our office regularly for routine dental checkups.


We are also committed to providing your child with compassionate care and a positive experience.

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Tartar control

Daily brushing disrupts dental plaque and keeps the teeth clean. But if left undisturbed for too long, plaque hardens into deposits of dental calculus, or tartar. Tartar is too hard to be removed by brushing and flossing, and can only be cleaned away by a dentist.

Most people accumulate at least a little tartar between dental visits, but children especially are in danger of tartar buildup, as they may not have developed the skills to care for their teeth yet. Tartar leads to tooth decay and gum disease, so regular tartar removal is an essential step in caring for their dental health. In order to keep your child’s teeth healthy, they need regular cleanings by a dentist.

Fluoride treatments

As plaque hardens into tartar, it leaches essential minerals including fluoride from your child’s teeth. Dental enamel needs fluoride to stay strong, bright, and hard. While a healthy diet can help to replenish the minerals your child’s teeth lose over time, this is often not enough to keep teeth at their best. Regular fluoride treatments at our office provide an extra boost to keep your child’s teeth healthy and fight off decay.

Reading the signs

When cavities and other dental problems do emerge, it’s always best to catch them early. Long before they become easily visible or begin to hurt, we can spot any changes in your child’s dental health. The earlier problems are spotted, the easier they are to treat. Regular exams save you time, money, and trouble in the long run.

The best care for your child

Many dentists offer these services, but only a pediatric dentist like Dr. Taylor is specially trained to provide them to children. Your child’s teeth are at a different stage of development than an adult’s, and have specialized needs that we can address. At North Royalton Pediatric Dentistry, we are also committed to providing your child with compassionate care and a positive experience that will let them leave our office smiling. Call us to schedule your child’s appointment to see Dr. Taylor, and let us help brighten your child’s smile!